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Weed Edibles become popular at festivals

Michael Fattah

“Weed Edibles become popular at Festivals”

One way to start a business is to utilize your strengths. So it makes sense that

we are starting to see very talented, well-known and educated chefs that are classically trained in the culinary arts putting on edible cooking demos at events like the L.A. East Side Food Festival at Mack Sennet Studios this past weekend.

Having a designated section for local vendors to share their edibles with event-goers is one way to bring recognition to yourself and to your brand. Chef Luke Reges from La Hoja pop-up will be doing a THC cooking lesson while at the festival. The event will also feature culinary professionals like chef/model Brandin Lashea and Lord Jones, a High Times Top Ten Edible winner.


Having chefs such as Mindy Segal, a James Beard award-winning pastry chef and THC advocate, participate and speak at events like “Taste Talks” in Chicago, adds credibility to the cannabis industry and slowly erodes the “pothead” mentality of the past.

Jeff The 420 Chef is being called the “Julia Child of Weed,” and even has his own

podcast, “Wake ’n Bake.” Julia Child, the American-born chef who brought classical French cooking to the American home cook, published cookbooks that elevated the culinary awareness of the American public and brought home cooking to new heights of sophistication.


The more THC-friendly festivals there are, the more opportunities there will be for industry professionals to jump in and show what they can do with oils, butters and other edible ingredients. These and other opportunities will be a platform for industry professionals to participate, market themselves and bring more attention to the arena of innovative edibles. Just as Julia took the American home cook from roast chicken to Coq Au Vin, these chefs are taking consumers far, far beyond the magic brownie and into the realm of very high dining.