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White collar workers in WA DC are the largest cannabis consumer base data statistics

55% of Pot Smokers in Nation’s Capital are “White Collar”

55% of Pot Smokers in Nation’s Capital are “White Collar”

Summary by Michael Fattah.

So what does that say about the social acceptance of cannabis? If that is the case, why all the back and forth in regards to cannabis being used as a medicine? Why hasn’t it been declassified from a Schedule 1 narcotic?  Why is a 12-year-old girl suing Jeff Sessions and the DEA to fight for her right to use medical cannabis to treat her seizures when prescription medication has failed to treat her symptoms? The answer may be because it will take time to educate our government officials, as well as John Q. Public, and thus normalize cannabis so that people view it like alcohol and cigarettes.


55 percent of pot smokers in the nation’s capital hold white-collar jobs. It stands to reason that a good percentage of those white-collar positions are with the federal government. Logic follows that there should, therefore, be a high threshold of normalization and social acceptance for cannabis in Washington, but the fact that those jobs can be relatively high-turnover and dependent on the administration in place may mean that those consumers may not feel as invested — or as confident in their positions — as non-governmental workers and, therefore, less likely to advocate and activate for change.


A recent article on Marijuana.com it shows that over 75 percent of pot smokers in the nation’s capital earn over $50,000 a year and have an undergraduate degree, while over 35 percent earn over $100,000 a year and possess an advanced degree. These numbers are hopeful because people in these demographics have a high degree of political engagement and activism. The D.C. report also indicates that a majority 64 percent of those self-identified, federally-employed pot smokers believe adult-use marijuana should be legalized for recreational consumption.  


Jeffrey Stein of Consumer Research Around Cannabis said ““Considering Washington, D.C. is where our federal legislation is created, results that indicate a significant number of government employees favoring the legality of its consumption as well as consuming it themselves, is clear indication that prohibition is outdated,”


To read more follow this link: https://www.marijuana.com/news/2017/10/new-report-55-of-pot-smokers-in-nations-capital-are-white-collar/