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How to Act in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

How to Act in a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

By Michael Fattah

You know you’re going to a dispensary for a purpose; that is, to purchase a product that you can medicate with. How you should act is based on your individual experience. If you know what you want and have been through the dispensary process before, then it’s fairly routine. If not, here’s a rundown of a typical experience.

Walk in the secure door, show Government I.D., maybe sign in as well, wait in line, if necessary, and then approach the counter to make your selection. The person behind the counter, known as a budtender, may ask what you’re looking for; continue the conversation from there.

For first time visitors, I would suggest introducing yourself as you approach the counter.

“Hi, this is my first time in a dispensary. Can you advise me on your selection?”

Now you’ve set the tone with the budtender to be more educational, they will devote their attention to making sure you are provided with the best advice and service possible. The budtender’s goal is to enhance your experience and make sure you leave with a product that will help you achieve your desired experience.

“I’m looking for two strains, one indica strain and one sativa strain,” I always say, “because I medicate throughout the day. Can you make a recommendation?”

“What do you medicate with?” I ask the budtender; or “What is your strain of choice?”

If the budtender recommends something I’ve had already or doesn’t have the look or smell to which I’m accustomed, I’ll ask for something different. They may offer other choices, “I have this indica or this sativa; have you tried this?”

Keep in mind that what makes a good patient includes being open try new medications and understanding that the person behind the counter is there to help you. Hear them, visually inspect and smell samples; read THC content on labels in order to make better choices. Most budtenders are doing their best to be conscientious and give you a good experience. If they meet your expectations, please leave a tip.

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