Is cannabis legal in Spain?
Where can you buy marijuana in Spain?

Is Marijuana Legal In Spain?

“Marijuana in Spain”

By Michael Fattah

Spain is the most cannabis-friendly country in Europe. Cannabis can be smelled on any given night on the streets of Barcelona. Spain has a decentralized government and independent communities have their own autonomy.

Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital city, has more than 200 cannabis clubs. Catalonia has become Spain’s center for cannabis culture. Ten percent of Spain’s residents have consumed marijuana in the past year. The country also has the ideal climate for the cultivation of cannabis. This favorable climate, both culturally and agriculturally, fuels the expanding cannabis economy. The fact that the local police have made public consumption a low priority adds to the friendly environment.

Growing marijuana for personal use in Spain is excluded from criminal prosecution. Spain prohibits the sale of marijuana but not its consumption, which means that many consumers belong to one of the numerous private consumer clubs or associations. The manufacturing and distribution of cannabis paraphernalia is legal in Spain, so Barcelona has many grow/head shops that sell ancillary goods such as cannabis paraphernalia and equipment used for cultivation, consumption or handling. Selling cannabis seeds, cultivating cannabis for personal consumption and consuming marijuana in private are legal.

However, Spain’s unique social acceptance of cannabis is demonstrated by the over 800 clubs or associations which blossomed following a 1993 Supreme Court decision. The logic behind the ruling is that consumption within these associations is “responsible,” because the association controls the on-site consumption amounts, sets a minimum age for its members and requires that all consumption occurs on the association’s property.

The biggest difference between Spain and the U.S. is that Spain’s laws do not distinguish between recreational and medical use. For now, people in Spain needing medical cannabis go to clubs to obtain and use their medicine, because doctors in Spain are not allowed to prescribe cannabis to their patients.


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