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Canna Organix Farm Tour – Sequim WA

Canna OrganixOne of my business partners called me from Nevada and told me he was coming up to Seattle to visit family. He wanted to visit a legal WA state licensed cannabis farm. Specifically one grown with sustainable practices.

I called a friend and his first recommendation was Canna Organix in Sequim WA, home of the Lavender Festival. 

Canna Organix was happy to make time to give us a walk through tour of the farm. Seven days later we were on a road road trip through acres of evergreen forests. We arrived in Sequim after a three hour drive from Seattle. Following the advice of Google Maps we found ourselves at the end of a dead end road where we met someone that was able to guide us to our destination. He told us to follow our nose. Excellent advice.

Canna Organix,The Facility in it's youth.
Canna Organix, The Facility in it’s youth.

We soon pulled up to the farm and with the windows down, we knew we had arrived at our destination. Wendy and Steve (two of the founders) came out to greet us and soon introduced us to the Canna Organix family. Highly educated, hard working and happy. I was feeling the positive vibes. Kyle is the Master Grower on the farm and he clearly knows what he is doing… with the help of his team of course.

Canna Organix produces incredible cannabis and concentrates. We walked through hundreds of plants in their greenhouse to look at some of their favorite strains and also a sneak peek at some upcoming exclusive genetics they are about to release. Exciting!


Not only do they produce incredible herb at Canna Organix they also breed for new genetics. Get ready for some exciting new strains from the Canna Organix team.

Canna Organix cannabis concentrates

(Side note. I picked up a cartridge from Canna Organix at HWY420 in Silverdale on my way home, “OMGuava”. The terps were amazing. Great body high. I highly recommend.)

Where to find Canna Organix cannabis products? Click Here for their store locator.


Canna Organix Farm Tour

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Here is the full interview at CannaOrganix:

SM: What motivated you and the rest of the owners to get into the cannabis industry?
CO: Keeping up with the times and taking opportunities when they come about.


SM: Once you were able to bring the plants in and turn the lights on what was the first year like?
CO: Exciting! We did our whole first round of production with just a small group/core team.  We focused on dialing in our new growing location in Sequim, developed policies and procedures for our Greenhouse, Trim and Packaging departments, began hiring and trained our kick-ass crew, all while adhering to Washington’s regulatory system. A steep learning curve!


SM: What challenges did you face before you were able to begin operating your business?
CO: Like many startups, funds were quite limited. Five guys and a gal started Canna Organix, breaking ground was like chipping away at an iceburg and at times a daunting task, literally, the founders dug the foundation with their bare hands- yes, we used tools, but some serious elbow grease. We started Canna Organix with a relatively small private loan. Loan funds expired 2 weeks prior to our first harvest. Some folks have said, “give us the little guys a chance,”.. Uh, we were/are the little guys! The work has been “on” since breaking ground- one big loss along the way would have bankrupted us- we haven’t had a chance to fail!


SM: With so many regulations how do you market your brand and sell your product?
CO: Lucky for us, we haven’t spent any money on advertising. Our flower is only available in 13 stores at the moment. From there, we have gotten a large following just from word of mouth. Also, having many sought after- exclusive strains helps.SM: Do you have any secret superstar genetics that you are waiting to release?
CO: Yup! Sure I’ll give you hint: think oranges, lemons, and diesel fuel. We have a complete line of citrus from C to Z about to drop.
SM: What do you think Cannaorganix does better than other farms you’ve heard about?
CO: Were pretty excited about our new in-house concentrates- THC-a crystals, Terp Sugar, Terp Crystals, and cannabis-derived terpenes just hitting the market. We continue to love and smoke our Flowers, Distillate, and All-bud prerolls.SM: Tell us more about your Canna Whupass cartridge and the science of the entourage effect
CO: The cannabis terpene profiles and flavor constituents from other botancials layer together with potent cannabinoids to create the phenomenon known as the “entourage effect”. Entourage effects occur when cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically in the body to produce a different biological response than cannabinoids would alone. While tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is typically considered the primary active component of cannabis, other cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, can also modulate and fine-tune the effects of THC.  

SM: Your joint packaging is fully recyclable. Is that a goal for most or all of your packaging in the future?
CO: yes. Some say glass is a good choice, but our research shows,even with recycling glass, the cost of production/shipping does not make it the most “eco-frienldy” option either as an industry standard.


SM: I believe I heard the statement “We don’t grow pot we grow people” during my visit. Could you tell me more about your business philosophy?
CO: We push ourselves and those around us to improve on everything we do! We don’t settle for average or good enough- this motivates and pushes us to “grow” as individuals, as a team, and as company.


SM: You have a very happy team. What do you do to keep your team smiling? (BBQ’s etc?)
CO: Everyone on our team has passion for life, so having a team of folks committed to excellence for starters helps! We have worked to keep our staff as small as possible, this way, we can pay living wages to a kick-ass crew- no weak links here! In fact, kicking-ass is an essential part of everyone’s job requirement here- part of the Employee Handbook handed out on day 1! We have snacks always available, meet once a month to either discuss company news and/or simply be together as a crew. Our trim shift leader throws down some mean cuisine for every meeting. Last month we had a “rib off”. Three of of our crew members grilled up  their special recipes. Then we scored em’- delicious and fun! We joke. We laugh. We support each other- at work and/ or outside of work if need be. Yes, its work, but also our lives, so try to have some fun with it in addition to growing chronic! We’ve got world-class humor on our staff too- that helps. Our staff’s feedback and opinion matter immensely, so we keep an open door that welcome’s feedback and transparency. Yes, we offer bonuses at times too!


SM: Who are the top five retailers that support your business and team
CO: Clutch Cannabis in Seattle; Paper & Leaf on Bainbridge Island; Emerald Leaves in Tacoma, The Hidden Bush and Karma Cannabis out here on the Peninsula, but we love them all!


SM: Do you have any advice for business owners in other states that are about to enter a very similar market?
CO: If you’re in it for the money, stop now, it’s not what you think…

(I asked Wendy a handful of questions that were a little more fun)

SM: If you were an animal what would it be?
CO: We’d be cats riding unicorns


SM: What’s your favorite Cannaorganix strain and why?
CO: Some in house faves are the Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and Gorilla Glue #4.


SM: What is your favorite thing to do when elevated?
CO: Everything. Eat. Dance. Sing. Walk/hike. Be outside. Create something.


SM: Wax or flower preference?
CO: You’re going to make me pick? lol… Depends on the effect I am going for. Flower. Our concentrates are a great evening choice for myself.


SM: Can you describe your first experience?
CO: Oh, I don’t remember- thats a joke…No, I think I remember laughing a lot and eating some crap ho-ho’s or something or like multiple packages of ho-ho’s.


SM: If you were a terpene which would you be and why?
CO: I wouldn’t choose to live life as a terpene, as then I could not smoke and enjoy myself.


Overall the trip was excellent. The drive was beautiful. And we met a bunch of wonderful, hard working cannabis professionals.


This industry is a myth buster in many ways. Cannabis is rather harmless and when legalized it provides jobs and value to the community.


Also… stoners work VERY hard!

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