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Dixie Elixirs Overview

By Michael Mojave

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles™ provide a unique relief experience for patients. Our beverage and food products are carefully prepared by culinary professionals in our state of the art kitchen facility, Dixie Elixirs & Edibles™ produces a wide variety of great tasting alternative medicine with consistent quality, and the Dixie Elixirs & Edibles™ brand has quickly gained a loyal following. Our all new flavors and packaging provide patients with the nutritional facts and ingredients, including medicinal reporting that highlights an effective and consistent medicinal and a grown-up taste experience. – dixieelixirs.com

Dixie Elixir offers a literal smorgasbord of fine, tasty treats, sodas and line of Dixie Topicals crafted in a 27,000 square-foot laboratory. Dixie supplies edible Cannabis products to more than 500 dispensaries in Colorado since opening in 2009. The taxpaying entrepreneurial enterprise is the brainchild of Tripp Keber. Tripp is also founder and current Board Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Dixie offers patients and stores alike with beverages and a wide variety of tasty sounding 12 oz. beverages like Sparkling Peach, Sparkling Pomegranate and Sparkling Red Currant. According to Dixie each of these bubbly fruit drink contains “22 mg of medicine (THC – 86%, CBN – 8%, CBD – 6%) extracted from Sativa-dominant cannabis.” Some newer flavors, some sugar-free, have 40 mg. Dixie Elixir specializes in fine edibles, like the Colorado Bar a mix of peanut butter ganache covered in white and dark chocolates and loaded with 300 mg of lab tested THC. The limited edition 4/20 inspired limited edition edible, a chocolate truffle coming in potencies of 50 and 300mg. Dixie uses a carbon dioxide extraction method to ensure consistent dosages in its products. For some comparison, the best guestimate from sources ranging from Cannabis websites to governmental reports, there is approximately 30-40 mgs of THC is a joint. A 300 mg dose is enough for even the saltiest of salty dogs.

Another potent and smokeless alternative are Dixie’s like of tinctures the line of topical treatments, include massage oil, a pain relief salve, and the popular Dixie Topicals Snake Oil Spray. Dixie also offers “Scripts” or THC in pill form, from general pain relief to “A.M. Focus” a combination of THC and the herbs eleuthero and ashwagandha, a natural stimulant to a nighttime aid.

A Newsweek cover story from last year, “The New Pot Barons” featured Dixie along with other successful Cannabusinesses. Dixie has also been featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes”. Dixie is owned by Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio and Red Dice Holdings. Dixie is headquartered in Colorado