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Welcome To The Budtender Cup — Washington State’s First Cannabis Consumer Report

Welcome To The Budtender Cup Cannabis Consumer Report


Are you looking for the best Cannabis in Washington state?

We found it!


How do we know it’s the best Cannabis in Washington state? We let the professional Budtenders in the industry tell us what they like.

Nearly two hundred Budtenders told us exactly what they think. Priceless!


The results are in. Seven strains were entered into the first consumer report.

Here are the first strains listed in order with their overall rating beside them based on Budtender feedback:
(Budtender Reviews Found At Base Of Article):

1) Emerald Janes: “White Urkle” Rate 7.55 out of 10

2) High Altitude: “The Truth” 7.06 out of 10

3) Cannaman: “UW” 6.85 out of 10

4) Emerald Evolution: “Head Cheese” 6.68 out of 10

5) Puffin Farms: “Silver Bubble” 6.56 out of 10

6) Dutch Brothers: “Seattle Cough” 6.3 out of 10

7) Origin: “Dance World” (High CBD) 5.88 out of 10


I’m very picky about my Cannabis and I love Dance World. So please understand that a 5 rating or greater is excellent. You will see many below 5 as The Budtender Cup grows.

The Budtender Cup was born out of necessity. We need a way to discover the best Cannabis without having to pay for a bunch of bad weed first. We need a way to get through the plastic before making our decision. In Washington state all Cannabis is pre packaged in smell proof bags. You often need advice from the Budtender selling you the Cannabis.

Well… we found nearly 200 Budtenders to help you select the finest herb in the state.


This is the first round of The Budtender Cup. We are here to help the industry move forward and we will work hard to help the business owners survive the rough ride of starting a business in a volatile market.

What’s next?: Events, Reviews, Farm Tours, Interviews… plenty of exciting stuff coming down the pipe!

Please enjoy the hand selected reviews from some of the most educated cannasseurs in the industry.
The Budtender!


1) Emerald Janes — White Urkle

To start; Emerald Jane’s White Urkle is a beautiful, trichome laden bud inside and out of the package, with a seemingly perfect cure leaving the flower barely sticky to touch and well dried so the cherry stays hot. The pungent aroma of a piney hash covered fruit that fills the room upon opening the bag is further emphasized in the back of your palate after a few puffs of this well executed crop of a genetic masterpiece from OG Raskal Genetics. The heavy yet smooth smoke will knock you upside the head with a mellow and muddying, yet pleasant, high a few minutes after you put down the joint or pipe; accompanied by instantaneous full body relaxation. Overall this very potent bud gets a recommendation and two thumbs up from me as a recreational experience that would double perfectly as a pain reliever and an appetite enhancer for any medical smoker.

MJ’s Pot Shop, Budtender: Nathaniel
1335 Southeast Bishop Boulevard, Pullman, WA 99163
(509) 332-5203

This is the ultimate green candy to the senses. You can see, smell, taste, and feel the love that went into this plant. White Urkle was a great reminder of how much I can enjoy smoking a bowl. From the moment I opened the bag to the moment I melted into the couch, all of my senses were impressed.

Evergreen Cannabis, Budtender: Kara
922 Peace Portal Dr, Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 332-8922

White Urkle has a witty, informative, beautifully described description of the product on the back of the package. The bud itself has a nice dense crystally bud structure that was manicured very well, is a nice frosty green with beautiful trichomes, despite their minute size, its hard to miss the blanket of resin crystal on the delicious buds. It has a great smell that kicks you in the nose with a taste that backs that 10 fold. Has a grounded high, but in space at the same time 🙂 a fun and giggly bud.

Local Roots Marijuana, Budtender: Luke
212 W WINESAP RD STE 101, 102, BOTHELL WA 98012
(425) 673-7420

2) High Altitude — The Truth

Very nice deep flavor. Really beautiful purple buds when ground up.
Fantastic high. Very great product.

Cannabis and Glass, Budtender: Joshua
(509) 999-1112

The Truth proved to be an incredibly enjoyable strain. The packaging was clear and easy to understand. The product was front, center and easy to see with the packaging/labels. The smell is immediately appealing followed by a gorgeous bud with great moisture content, taste, burn and high.

Cannabis and Glass, Budtender: Sam
(509) 999-1112

A stunning purple coloration with a dense bud cluster is a sight to behold before the fruity odour invigorates the senses further. The taste reminds me of blueberry but with a more subtle earthiness. The high is heavier than the smell and taste suggest before a numbing sensation greets you the further into the high you progress, but I really enjoyed the relaxation it brought.

GoodBudS, Budtender: Kai
5384 NW K RD STE A, QUINCY WA 98848
(509) 398-8843

3) Cannaman — UW

UW by Cannaman Farms is captivating when first opened and viewed outside of the stylish packaging – featuring a high tiki-man holding a sun and a moon. UW smells of earthy lemon citrus and is a very bright green trailing off into a white cover of trichomes. Although the buds are not dense, they are very sticky and glisten boldly with just the light of the room. When experienced the high slowly works its way through your entire body, relaxing you completely while simultaneously putting a big smile on your face with slight uplifting cerebral effects.
This would be the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a blissful and relaxing evening.

Altitude, Budtender: Carson
(509) 786-4200

UW Has a great heavy indica smell and a smooth taste. With calm and relaxing effects, it was felt immediately in the body and then traveled to the head where it remained a steady relaxed high for a couple of hours. Very enjoyable.

GoodBudS, Budtender: Kai
5384 NW K RD STE A, QUINCY WA 98848
(509) 398-8843

This is beautiful, fragrant, leafy bud. It appears as though it’s been submerged in several inches of sugar. The feel is velvety. The taste smooth, light and stimulating. High is nice and very satisfying. A very sexy bud.

Station 420, Budtender: Angie
4007 Main St, Union Gap, WA 98903
(509) 420-3430

4) Emerald Evolution — Head Cheese

My preferred method of smoking is through a water pipe, and this stuff tasted amazing through my medium-sized rig!

A definite cheese flavor, similar to an Imperial Super Cheese I’d tried recently…

Medium to sharp cheddar aromas, with maybe a traditional Dutch Treat in there too, it was a nice, creeping high, really kicking into a medium to heavy body high at about 15-20 minutes.

I would chalk this up to a 65/35 Indica dominant stone, in feeling and effect, maybe not so much by genetics. Definitely some killer buds!! I’m eager to see what else these growers come up with!

A Bud & Leaf, Budtender: Troy
(360) 456-1225

This strain brought what it’s name promised. This Head Cheese delivered a nice, overall relaxing high. Head Cheese really helped me get ready for my day, with no grogginess or couch lock feeling from the weed. While the initial smell left me a bit hesitant for my first hit, I was happily surprised when the cannabis delivered a smooth, earthy taste that didn’t leave me feeling over powered by pungent “cheese” taste. The package is well designed, a nice black package with yellow plasma strings placed around a diamond shape window to observe the dense plant. Overall it was a pleasant high that would be great for anything from socializing or work around your house.

Cannabis Central, Budtender: Bret
1516 W University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 201-1144

The Head Cheese was deceptively dense, meaning that a small amount took me by surprise. As a warm sensation began to creep from the top of my head down to my shoulders and arms, I imagined myself under a warm shower of melted cheese. The image gave me some giggles. A new connection to the strain’s name, “Head Cheese.”

Evergreen Cannabis, Budtender: Kara
(360) 332-8922

5) Puffin Farms — Silver Bubble

This smooth smoking, Northern Lights descendant truly lived up to the hype it’s received over the years in its native country, the Netherlands. A beautiful, sweet-skunky bud caked in crystals reeking of lemon always goes down nicely; especially when Puffin Farms locked in a perfect cure giving the smoker hardly any cough at all. The strong flavor profile of sweet citrus-skunk is accompanied by a fast acting body high and clear headed cerebral experience of euphoria.

MJ’s Pot Shop, Budtender: Nathaniel
(509) 332-5203

Puffin Farms has created both my favorite recent flower, and decidedly my favorite packaging I’ve yet to see. It will be incredibly easy to recommend and remember this product. The flower assuredly provided my favorite effect to date. I would easily describe this as the most calming strain I’ve had the pleasure of smoking.

Evergreen Cannabis, Budtender: Joel
(360) 332-8922

The Silver Bubble had a sweet pungent flavor, the smell very reminiscent of pine tree sap, with some citrus notes. The packaging was nice. The jar was a good size appearing full. The smoke was smooth, not harsh. The flavor had many of the same flavors as were represented in its smell. I found the high to be mild, the person who I shared it with noted an immediate sativa high. Uplifting and alert high.

High End Market Place, Budtender: Gareth
(360) 695-3612

6) Dutch Brothers — Seattle Cough

This strain obliterated me. One of the most potent strains of flower I have ever had.”

Bud Hut, Budtender: Nate
11603 HWY 99, EVERETT WA 98204
(425) 353-1449

The packaging is simple and neat, if a little bit boring, but the flower is anything but. The smell is a pungent skunky pine, with a hint of hash that provides a refreshing bite to the nose and the bud is equally delicious once smoked. The high is relaxed yet clear headed enough to make it perfect for creative activities or just sitting around and thinking about life.

Mary Jane, Budtender: Zoli
13513 Ne 126th Pl Suite C Kirkland, WA 13513

Fantastic product. Potent stoney high. Sweet flavor with a slight espresso kick? Product graphic appeal too simple for this marvelous product.

Cannabis and Glass, Budtender: Josh
(509) 999-1112

7) Origin — Dance World (High CBD)

It’s a really smooth smoke with a mellow taste. Mostly body high so you stay clear headed. Looks very well-manicured and top shelf. The smell is very pungent and inviting. It’s a fun uplifting high that is enjoyable during the day when you have stuff to do.

Miller’s Marijuana, Budtender: Doug
5675 STATE ROUTE 12 STE 1, ELMA WA 98541
(360) 861-4300

The bud smells very citrusy and of eucalyptus, tasted sharp of lemon. Very smooth and pleasant smell, burned nicely. Bear in mind this particular strain is 15% CBD and 11% THC so it was never meant to blow you away with the high, rather give you a good clean buzz with added euphoric effects; which it did very nicely.

Miller’s Marijuana, Budtender: Joshua
5675 STATE ROUTE 12 STE 1, ELMA WA 98541
(360) 861-4300

This particular strain made me feel mild to moderate psychoactive effects. Although this strain has a high CBD content, its ability to affect the mind is clearly evident. You are relaxed, and experience relief, yet you still seem to stay away from the couch. It is a smooth ride, it tastes natural, earthy, and mildly sweet, not overbearing.

So if you’re looking for a strain that will make you feel like you can dance the world away, and still experience a nice mental buzz, this is the one.

BudHut, Budtender: Chelsie
11603 HWY 99, EVERETT WA 98204
(425) 353-1449


Have you tried any of these strains? Please leave your comments below.

The Budtender Cup Cannabis Consumer Report