About Us

Sativa magazine launched with the goal of creating extraordinarily rewarding employment opportunities for passionate superstars that want to help topple the walls of prohibition. We will provide research and education to the leaders who will change our futures.

Built by passionate cannabis activists, freedom fighters, medical patients, artists, writers, visionaries and entreprenuers. Sativa magazine was designed to educate the new and studious cannabis consumer as well as the entrepreneur who is guiding much of the rapid changes we are seeing today.

We seperate ourselves from many other cannabis publications through our heavy dedication to providing gratis research and data. We call politicians, we interview industry professionals, we survey consumers and we invest a great deal of time and effort into aqcuiring the facts.

Sativa magazine is your resource guide for industry data and research. Sativa magazine also includes many great features added to help consumers find local stores and their favorite products.

Michael Carter
Founder and CEO
Sativa Magazine and the Budtender Cup