colorado cannabis cup

Celebrating 420 at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup


I was lucky enough to attend this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado on 4/20 – an event that promised to be the highlight of the year.

Not only did I get to meet some of our cannabis culture’s most noteworthy people – such as the spunky dreadlocked beauty, Damsel Suicide of the Suicide Girls and the founder of NORML, Keith Stroup – as well as attend a Cypress Hill concert in the streets of downtown Denver, but I also got to see firsthand all of the products from the cannabusinesses that have made their brand names in the newly legal marijuana market.

Pipes and rigs made my well-known glassblowers, award-winning seeds, pot leaf printed apparel, and cannabutter-based munchies from the lime green Magical Butter bus were available for purchase amidst lines of tented booths and layers of thick smoke clouds.

We brought our own flower, as suggested by previous Cup attendees and, although discouraged by signs posted around the event, so had everyone else. By doing so, we had unknowingly brought with us one of the Cup’s winning strains – The Clinic’s Bubba Kush – which along with multiple free dabs and edible samples had us in a toasted daze.

At 4:20pm, attendees crowded outside in the smoking area outside and pulled out the mega joints and super blunts that they had rolled specifically for that exact moment. Vendors tossed out free t-shirts, sunglasses, and even vape pens into a roaring, albeit completely stoned crowd.
Overall the event was as much a smoke fest as it was – in the typical American fashion – a profitable business venture for some of the country’s best ganjapreneurs.