strawberry cough


When Kyle Kushman – now a master cultivator and multi-Cannabis Cup winner – received a tray of clones from a friend in Connecticut, he discovered a familiar fruity scent that was vastly different from the usual skunky or cheesy aroma commonly associated with cannabis. Under Kushman’s care the little Sativa-dominant clones grew into rather branchy plants with tight frosty buds that smelled like a haze-y field of ripe strawberries. The unique throat-tickling strain came to be known as Strawberry Cough (Strawberry Fields x Haze) as it creates a thick creamy smoke that has even the most experienced users hacking up a lung in exchange for a euphoric high that melts away any and all anxiety.
A seed version of the strain was eventually picked up and offered through the Dutch Passion Seed Company in Amsterdam and has earned its place as one of the “greatest strains of all time”. Strawberry Cough, as well as its crosses, has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards in Denver and San Francisco and it remains a popular favorite on the East coast.