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Kronic Tonic Best Edible Budtender Cup

Kronic Tonic Review

By Randy Robinson

While cannabis edibles now come in all sorts of varieties – from chocolates to gummis to sodas – some people prefer to go straight to the source: the extract itself. This one in particular took home the grand prize of “Best Edible” at the 2015 Budtender Cup.

Kronic Tonic tincture is one such extract. Henderson Distribution presents little bottles packed full of cannabinoids and terpenes, each one boasting a total THC content of 100 mg. Each full dropper should provide about 10 mg of THC.  The stuff flows thick like maple syrup, so it may not fill the dropper all the way.

Kronic Tonic comes in two styles, a “Sativa” extract and an “Indica” one. Both the sativa and the indica varieties have their pluses and minuses, depending on what you’re going for.

On an empty stomach, the Sativa Kronic Tonic kicked in within a half hour. As one would expect from a sativa, the buzz brimmed with hyperactivity, but, surprisingly, there was no anxiety or paranoia. For those looking to start their day off with a jolt, try this one with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

If you need something a bit chiller, go indica. On a full stomach, the indica began doing its thing about an hour and a half after downing it through a chocolate malt mix. Even the indica version, which is quite the couch-locker, produced a surprisingly clear-headed effect. The munchies followed soon after, so make sure you’ve got a stash of snacks set aside. If you’re looking to relax or treat pain, the Indica Kronic Tonic may be your best bet.

In terms of taste, Kronic Tonic lives up to its name: “chronic” flavored tonic. Although a sweetener was added to both bottles, it wasn’t enough to mask the resin’s lawn-clipping bitterness. If you’re one of those cannabis connoisseurs who enjoys the taste of cannabis, feel free to squeeze an entire dropper full under your tongue and savor its verdant stickiness. But if you want to avoid the cannabis flavor altogether, try mixing the Kronic Tonic with another drink that piques with an overpowering richness, such as hot chocolate, coffee or a fruit juice.