Bodhi High Live Resin Vape Cartridge i502

Bodhi High L.A. Wedding Pop Review (Cartridge)

I stopped by Greener Today Walla Walla to pick up a vape cartridge for Thanksgiving with the family. They had a new strain from Bodhi High that I had never tried, and Bodhi High is one of my favorite cart brands. It sounded like a sweet vacation treat. The strain was L.A. Wedding Pop.

I was happy to have something discreet that I could easily sneak away with. Vape carts are definitely my preferred way to get lifted when I’m with family and surrounded by a bunch of kids.

It was around noon that we had arrived at moms for Thanksgiving. Almost immediately after I walked through the door my brothers and sisters asked me if I had brought anything special. Well yes I did… I should have brought two of them. Over the next four hours we finished that cart off between the bunch of us.

The high was very uplifting and smooth. Euphoric. We were all very chatty. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in a few years and so we talked a lot. This is a great strain for hanging out with friends.

We watched the new Ghostbusters, stepped out for a smoke break, then all of a sudden it was time to eat. And oh my did I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner! Mom was very happy to see us all enjoying her cooking so much. We let her take all the credit. She deserved it. Secret thanks to Bodhi High for giving us all the super munchies.

The first puff of the L.A. Wedding Pop cart had a wonderful spicy and sweet orange flavor. Kind of earthy. I could taste pine on the exhale and the aroma had notes of sour candy with a hint of pepper.

Bodhi High Live Resin carts are extremely tasty terpene packed treats.


Sarah P.