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Quantum 9 Cannabis Consulting Agency Interview


Quantum 9

By Hippy KK


“Quantum 9 provides sustainable solutions for the cannabis industry using horticultural process management making efficient use of scarce natural resources like water and energy. The Quantum 9 staff includes some of the most brilliant minds in the field with a focus on helping organizations evolve from market gardening to industrial horticulture. Through implementing cultivation automation, technology and business process optimization, companies scale to more profitable farming, effectively improving quality and yield to meet growing demand. “ —

Quantum 9 is a Cannabis consulting and technology company based out of Colorado. If you’re a Cannabis cultivator or a dispensary owner, or both, you want to have the Quantum 9 team on your side.

By utilizing the Quantum 9 application, whether you have one location or several, users are able to track such things as top-selling strains, total sales by specific strain or item, weight on hand, plant data, inventory, revenue totals by day, month or year, track overhead expenses and  use their complete Point-Of-Sale (POS) system.

On the cultivator’s side of things; by assigning each plant with a QR code the Quantum 9 application tracks all types of vitals of a particular plant such as how tall the plant is, how many bud sites it has, its root volume, and so forth as well as the individual nutrient additions that have been added to the plant.

From a reading standpoint, you can choose the full-sensor integration option and pull all the data at one time and have it displayed on the sheet, or you can choose to enter it by hand.  Users receive text messages or emails for notification alerts. For instance, if the water temperature reaches 90° Fahrenheit, the application will send the user a text message warning of the high water temp. When the plant is harvested, the weight total is stored in the facilities inventory until it is either sold wholesale or transferred. The examples that have been mentioned here are nowhere near Quantum 9’s full capabilities, but just an example the application’s ability.

On the dispensary side of things; as a POS system, Quantum 9 is the beginning and end of a patient’s visit. From the time they walk through the door, they are checked into Quantum 9, their photo identification and medical card are verified and then escorted to make their selection. Once made, their purchase is entered into Quantum 9 which then takes the items purchased out of inventory. Quantum 9 can track wholesale transactions, patients, inventory, overhead expenses and vendor donations. If the facility has a point loyalty program, where patients accumulate points with each sale, Quantum 9 will track that also. Again, this is only a handful of examples on what the Quantum 9 application can do and that doesn’t even put a dent in it.

For a monthly fee, the Quantum 9 application comes coupled with the extensive knowledge of the Quantum 9 consulting team that consist of well-known names in the Cannabis industry, such as Ed Rosenthal . Quantum 9 is a fairly new application that took 2 – 2 and one-half years to develop due to its exclusive technology because it comes with the consulting service and all the detailed tracking abilities. Leave it to the professionals on the consulting team, as they will gladly assist and educate you on grow room optimization, which could ultimately increase yields. Or, take advantage of their knowledge in preventing and planning, Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Michael Mayes, CEO and president of Quantum 9 was kind enough to give me a 30-minute demo on the application, and I was absolutely astounded at what is possible with the application.  As a Cannabis cultivator, I know the importance of keeping a detailed grow journal of my gardens, but my old-school pen and paper, along with a digital camera to take weekly progress photos doesn’t even come close in comparison to what all I could do with Quantum 9. Not to mention, if I had their consulting team on my side, my yields would potentially increase and if I ever ran into any problems, I wouldn’t have to do research on the internet to find a solution— I can actually talk to an experienced Cannabis consultant first-hand and discover how to resolve the problem and what to do in order to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Quantum 9 is an easy, clean way to track everything you do from seed to sale. There’s simply too much Quantum 9 can do for me to tell you in so many words, it’s something you just have to see for yourself to appreciate its ability.



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