Michigan to build first hempcrete structure!


Michigan is underway to constructing their very first hempcrete building. Hempcrete is a material mixed up very similar to concrete. It is mixed with sand, water, natural limestone, and fibers found in the stalks of sativa cannabis. A small self-storage structure will be built on breezy farm in Saranac, MI, but don’t underestimate the efficiency and durability hempcrete has to offer. Hemprete is made to withstand floods, wind damage and even fire. Yes, even fire won’t burn this cannastructure down. Not only is it incredibly strong it is incredibly inexpensive. Cannabis grows at a significantly faster rate than trees used for wood and much easier to harvest not to mention none of our furry friends lose their homes. Concrete alone isn’t as affordable as it used to be, a square foot of concrete can cost you up to 5.65! Imagine cutting the cost in half by mixing it with other natural resources. This is only the beginning to the endless possibilities that can come from using something as small as a plant. Office buildings, hotels, restaurants and even the sidewalks we step foot on every day. Hempcrete will be used for building homes all over the world. It is quite the achievement for cannabis and will continue to do so for years to come.



-Sandra Sanchez