Recent increases in label regulations have piqued consumers’ interest in the issues of food safety, and ready-to-eat Cannabis medibles are foods that have come under the spotlight lately. Manufacturing Cannabis medibles means you must comply with strict industry and government regulations with the greatest possible efficiency and that means having the appropriate information on a label as to when the product is ‘best if consumed by’ which would be the expiration date. It is important to follow food safety regulations to help you meet and provide the information that is critical to meeting both regulatory requirements and consumer demands for more complete product information. Once a label with a use-by or expiration date has been added on to a container having a retail Cannabis product, a Licensee shall not alter that date or affix a new label with a later use-by or expiration date.

Should there be a traveling regulatory body that certifies foods and stamps all products on a weekly basis before they can be put out for sale?

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