essential oils extraction equipment
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Eden Labs — Extraction Equipment


Our mission is to collaborate with and support our clients in developing new products or improving the quality of existing products. Eden Labs offers the best extraction equipment available. While we have many existing designs to choose from, our specialty is building custom equipment to suit your individual needs and specifications.” —


Whether your preferred method of extraction is CO2, distillation, cold percolation, compressed gas or cold finger, Eden Labs offers a system to meet your extraction needs of any size and preference. Or, if you prefer to leave the work to someone else, Eden Labs will make the extraction for you. If you happen to have designed your own system but don’t have the means to build it, Eden Labs has a glassblowing lab and full machine shop, simply set up a consultation with Eden Labs, hand the plans over to them and let them build it for you. Eden Labs is there for you; there isn’t an extraction system they can’t handle.


Research and development: “Research is an ongoing process. Eden Labs is well known for its expansive knowledge in extractions.  Our work is your work.  We are available to brainstorm with you as your product and business mature to fine tune and expand its full potential.”


Due diligence: “Whether Eden Labs has assisted with the due diligence and/or development of your end product, the next logical step is how best to produce your product specifically for the current size of your business with growth in mind.  We will work with you to continue to develop your product line in conjunction with your growth.”

“Eden Labs is the only company to capitalize on the pioneering work with pressurized ethanol and water at the USDA food sciences research facility in Peoria, Illinois. There USDA scientists found that pressurized ethanol and/or water was often superior to other methods including supercritical CO2, in extracting natural products. Eden Labs is the only company offering high-pressure solvent extractors based on this research. This method, coupled with a vacuum distiller for concentrating the extract, is almost always the best method to produce the highest quality commercial extracts.”


Eden Labs’ main office and showroom is located in Seattle. All systems are manufactured in Washington State and the USA.