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March 2014 Business Highdeas

Hippy KK/Carter


Branded rolling tip and Cannabis tube


When it comes to cannabusinesses, branding is vital. It gives the world an impression. — just like a famous strain is known around the globe — of what the business is all about. But what about that little piece of paper— better known as a rolling tip or crutch — what brand image will make it stand out from the crowd?


If you live in one of the 20 states or Washington D.C. where medical Cannabis is legal, or maybe you’re fortunate enough to live in Washington or Colorado where state-level legalization is in practice, chances are, the experience of running into a dispensary to purchase a ‘pre-roll’ or a pack of them has proven to be an absolute convenience. More often than not, pre-rolls are sold with a ‘tip’ in the end or what others might call a crutch. This little device is used for many reasons and at times, before the entire joint is consumed, it falls out leaving the consumer with zero benefits of its original purpose.  They are, for the most part, a thin cardboard type of paper. How about replacing that product with hemp and leave the trees to grow in our forests?


Let’s create a branded rolling tip and Cannabis tube. Say there’s a cannabusiness whose name starts with the letter ‘B’ and they want consumers to notice. As a one-piece unit, the Cannabis tube and the rolling tip are completely made of hemp, the tip is a straight air path filter that forms the letter ‘B’ rather than a coiled, rolled or folded-up tip. Filling the tube full of Cannabis, by using a Cannabis injector, much like that of a tobacco machine, any amount of pre-rolls could be made in no time at all. And by the tip being a straight air filter, rather than a cotton type filter, there are no risks of decreasing the amount of THC being consumed. Yet, carcinogens such as tar are eliminated. Offer the tips in a variety of flavors for those that like that type of thing. If you don’t want the letter of your cannabusiness forming the tip, make sure it’s something the consumer will be able to identify and put two and two together so that every time it’s seen, it sets off a trigger that immediately makes them think of your business. Whatever it is, be sure to leave an everlasting impression.


Building a brand involves some creativity. How will your brand stand out above the rest?




Custom-printed rolling papers


When it comes to choosing a rolling paper, everyone has their favorite brand. To name a few different types, there’s the regular size, extra-wide, clear, thin, mentholated and even Cannabis flavored rolling papers that are commonly made out of flax, rice straw, wood pulp and yes, even hemp as a base material. With literally hundreds to choose from, everyone has a preference, while some might prefer gummed and unbleached another might prefer a bleached, un-gummed rolling paper, but in the end, they all do the same thing: burn bud.


Imagine pulling out a paper, expecting it to be just like any other paper previously used, plain in color only this time, it has writing on it. Upon a closer look, you realize you’re now reading a fortune paper or a positive affirmation. The rolling paper is providing a moment of Zen to the consumer before it’s burned.


Printed with safe soybean ink, a manufacturer could advertise a company logo or slogan, weird or silly thoughts, and even famous quotes.  If they really wanted to get creative, have the ink form a design once it’s rolled up, no matter if it’s a big ol’ fatty or a conservative pinner, the design will always be formed. Print a full pack of papers or random ones throughout, either way, the consumer will continue purchasing that specific brand not just because it’s the preferred brand of papers over another, but for the element of surprise that the papers bring.


The possibilities with this highdea really are endless and the endless possibilities make for a great marketing tool.