Dutch Treat i502 Best Indica Budtender Cup 2015

Congratulations “Sweet As” On Your Budtender Selected Winner For Best Sativa!

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Sweet As Wins Best Indica 2015 Budtender Cupsativa magazine budtender cup winner 2015 best indica

Dutch Treat from Sweet As is a vacation for your senses. When you’re in Australia or New Zealand… ask them about Sweet As.

Or Google it. Because if you don’t know about Sweet As… it’s time for a vacation!

Truly an unknown hybrid, Dutch Treat has seemed to lean more towards the Indica side than Sativa for me. Not everyone agrees.

Dutch Treat has always been a favorite of mine for it’s tropical nose and flavors that carry through the entire experience. Dutch Treat is a wonderful terpene rich strain with a very unique blend of sweet citrus and tropical forest. You can guarantee when you break out the the REAL Dutch Treat, you know it’s the real deal. Back when there were no labels on the bag you never knew what you were getting. Not with Dutch Treat!

It made this a very memorable stain for me throughout the years. Dutch Treat doesn’t need a label. The popularity of Dutch Treat arose from from it’s fame in the coffee shops of the Netherlands. Dutch Treat has been one of my go to strains to keep the creative juice flowing while Adobe steals hours of my life.

The high for many is euphoric and uplifting while keeping the stress levels at a desired balance. I believe Dutch Treat is a great strain for the genius mind looking to block out the distractions of a world in constant chaos. Shut the old world out and design the future.

Dutch Treat should be dense, sticky and frosted like a christmas ornament. Often a top ten winner in any cannabis competition Dutch Treat is a legendary masterpiece.

Well done Sweet As!

The Sweet As line of cannabis comes from Green Freedom in WA, a sungrown producer.

 Some words from the producer:

“We are a Southwest Washington Tier III producer and processor focused on growing the finest all natural, sun grown cannabis. Our greenhouses are designed to minimize carbon footprint by utilizing natural sunlight whenever possible. Fully automated environmental controls and light deprivation allow us multiple harvests within a single season. Our products offer a visual and taste profile that exceed expectations and provide the experience you desire.”

It sounds like they are proud of what they do.

Let’s see what some of the WA budtenders we reviewed thought about Sweet As.


And to the most valuable portion of the Budtender Cup…. the Budtender Reviews:


“One of my favorite things about this strain is its light brown sugar coating, that makes me think of a chocolate treat! Pleasing to the eye right away and then my nose was very happy to great the sweet pine scent. This dense bud is sure to lift you up while keeping you relaxed surely making it Sweet As!”

Budtender: Pineapple
Recreational Cannabis Store: Pineapple The TreeHouse Club
Address: 14421 E Trent Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Phone: (509) 413-2169
The “Sweet As” sample of Dutch Treat provided a solid daytime high, functional and clear thinking but relaxed in the body. It has excellent flavor when smoked, and a nice pungent smell out of the bag. Buds have good density and burn down clean. Great for getting things done and feeling mellow at the same time.”

Budtender: Kelly
Recreational Cannabis Store:  Oz
Address: 3831 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 251-0630

Dutch treat is one of my favorite strains. This specific one is very well done; typical pungent earthy flavor, cerebral high with nice body high to compliment. Even trichome formation and a well done cure was great to experience as well. “

Budtender: Sean
Recreational Cannabis Store:  Cinder
Phone: (509) 241-3726