Trump Administration Marijuana Policy

Marijuana is Winning Big League! Will Trump stop the cannabis train?

Slow and Steady Wins The Race and Marijuana is Winning Big League!

Will Trump leave marijuana legalization to the states?

States are generating millions in tax revenue and creating thousands of jobs. And they are just getting started.

From medical marijuana to recreational use, progress is being made. In 1996 California legalized marijuana for medical use, twenty years later California legalizes marijuana for recreational use and designs a system that will allow out of state investors to join as well. More states are opening their doors to out of state investors and creating opportunities for marijuana entrepreneurs worldwide.

With billions of dollars at stake the federal government would likely face heavy litigation should were they to fight the progress marijuana legalization has made in many states.

Medical marijuana paved the way to legalization that we see in states like Washington and Colorado. In Washington state medical marijuana is going through a very uncomfortable transition. Lawsuits are common and many claims have been made that medical marijuana patients have died from lack of access to medical marijuana as the dispensaries were shut down in Washington state. The state is working to design a system that works for everyone.

Legal marijuana is providing jobs and alleviating some of the pain caused by our current economic climate. The legal marijuana market is growing at unpredicted rates. “In 2016 the nationwide market grew to about $7 billion.” ( This explosive growth in the industry has seen very little increase in the use of marijuana by underage youth. A fear that many parents had as legalization moved forward.

In 2014 Congress passed a bill that prohibits the Justice Department from allocating resources to impose federal law on states where marijuana is legal for medical use. The Trump administration will likely continue course with the current policy and leave the developing market for regulating and legalizing marijuana to the states themselves.

The benefits of legalization go beyond the economic benefits for the state and the business owners. Marijuana is reducing crime and creating jobs. I have confidence that the marijuana legalization will continue to create great opportunities for business owners who are eager to create jobs and grow.

Canada has been very progressive in their marijuana policies as well and may fully legalize marijuana in 2017.

The recommended minimum age for adult marijuana use will likely be eighteen years of age in Canada while the U.S. has currently set a minimum age of twenty one to purchase and consume marijuana. Canada has long been known for their relaxed policies regarding marijuana and alcohol. Canada has a drinking age of 19 and they are discussing allowing adults 18 years of age to possess/purchase marijuana. Click and Read More Here

Marijuana is helping the sick, reducing crime, creating jobs and funding state programs.

Reefer madness is over.