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Oregon in July 2015

The sunrise over Oregon this past November was spectacular with the meaning of the phrase “It’s the dawn of a new day” sparkling through with true clarity in light of the new legalization of marijuana use. Many homes were privy to billows of smoke and clouds of vapor as Oregonians waked and baked across the State. Prohibition is finally over here in Oregon and it feels great. Of course, this was only a celebration of things to come as the laws don’t take effect right away.

It’s been a long cold winter this year, but come July 1, 2015 Oregonians can truly be free to use Cannabis for recreational purposes. Oregonians take their pot seriously, and come the first of July they can have up to 8 ounces of weed. For those 50,000 people in Oregon holding Medical Marijuana cards, the horizon just got a lot brighter. With your valid state OMMP card, a patient or the patient’s designated primary caregiver may possess up to six mature marijuana plants, 24 ounces of usable marijuana, and a patient and the patient’s designated primary caregiver may possess a combined total of up to 18 marijuana seedlings or starts that are limited to 12 inches in height. That’s a lot of Cannabis.