Incline Village
Incline Village

Lake Tahoe Goes Recreational

Lake Tahoe gets it’s first recreational Cannabis dispensary!

NuLeaf's cool ganja casesNevada’s debut of recreational cannabis restricted cannabis dispensaries to the city limits of Reno and Las Vegas. As of August 5th 2017, Incline Village on the north end of Lake Tahoe and Sun Valley a suburb of Reno, were granted recreational cannabis dispensary licenses.

For a sizable portion of Incline Village this is a hard won victory. Community members of Incline rallied together to enable Incline Village, which sits on the south western border of Washoe County Nevada, to join Reno Las Vegas in the recreational cannabis industry.


NuLeaf, a medicinal cannabis dispensary moved into Incline Village in 2014. They bring with them 15 years of experience in the medical cannabis industry with the majority of their experience at Berkeley Patients Group, the “nation’s oldest medical cannabis dispensary” that began in 1999.NuLeaf brought their Berkeley Patients Group’s “safe, comfortable, and professional” service to Incline Village and intentionally focused on working with the community. When Nevada finally allowed recreational cannabis in Incline Village they had behind them a great deal of local support.

On August  5th 2017 NuLeaf held their Grand Opening and with Washoe County Commissioner Kitty Jung attending, commenced the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event attracted at least 700 people through NuLeaf’s doors, many stayed in line for quite a long time. Things will of course settle down after a while. The day after there was a line, but the wait was very short and things were running smoothly.

For Tahoe Cannabis come to NuLeaf in Incline Village

LA OG nug pile at NuLeafNevada’s most recent cannabis supply “emergency” may have been caused by a distribution license bottleneck, however NuLeaf says they are well prepared and they were already taking steps early on to secure a solid supply as a precaution. Since NuLeaf can only supply their shelves with cannabis grown and processed in Nevada, all of thier cannabis products are locally produced. While scaling up for the opening took an enormous effort, NuLeaf feels that with their level of experience and their professional, knowledgeable staff, they are ready to be…  

Tahoe’s only Recreational Dispensary


NuLeaf – Tahoe’s only Recreational Dispensary

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NuLeaf’s long standing experience will no doubt contribute to their success as Tahoe’s only recreational dispensary. A visit to NuLeaf is a pleasurable experience. As bud tenders manage the well lit and airy shop, laces of well grown cannabis aroma travel through the air. The budtenders take questions and advice from customers about things such as “terpenes” and varying effects from different varieties. The buying experience is akin to buying a good wine at a wine shop. The central case features selections of finely grown indica, sativa and hybrid flower, distillates, dabs, pre rolled joints, edibles and more. They are also sporting some pretty cool t-shirts and hats among other non-consumable gear.

Tahoe Goes Recreational!