Flat iron dabs made at home
How do you make rosin?

How do you make Rosin?

Making Rosin With A Flat Iron

Summary by Cory H.

Marijuana concentrates are all the rage lately. Sales of wax, shatter, live resin and distillates are the fastest-growing segment of cannabis sales in virtually every market. But as we learn more and more about cannabinoids and terpenes, consumers are looking for the purest concentrates around. That brings us to rosin. Rosin is a solventless extract that is the essence of cannabis in its purest form. While you can find rosin at dispensaries everywhere for a premium, with a few household items, you can make your own fresh-pressed rosin right at home.

You are going to need some fresh bud, some wax-free parchment paper, and a hair iron straightener. You’ll need bud for obvious reasons. The parchment paper will serve as the housing for your bud and will capture the fresh golden rosin as it seeps from the bud. The hair iron straightener is the key. You can buy a $2,500 rosin press, or you can make your own with a $50 investment from the hair care aisle. The hair straightener is used to apply heat and pressure simultaneously, which is what allows the bud to release the sticky golden rosin.

First, you will want to cut a small square of parchment paper. Make it large enough to house the bud you want to use. Fold the paper in half and place your bud between the fold. Hang on to it until your hair straightener or flat iron is hot enough. You’ll want to set it at 275 degrees F. Any hotter and you risk damaging the cannabinoids and terpenes in the sap. Don’t use a huge bud — about half a gram or so is optimum. Carefully pinch the bud in the folded parchment and place it between the flat metal surfaces of the straightener. Make sure it is laying flat on a protected table or hard surface, and apply as much pressure as you can, squeezing the bud between the folds of parchment for five seconds.

The heat and pressure will have released as much rosin as you will get this round.  The flattened bud is still viable and can be reused several times. Peel the bud off the parchment and remove any leftover plant matter stuck to the paper. What you have remaining will be a golden amber sap, rich with cannabinoids and terpenes and free from any potential harmful residues. It will have a rich taste and an uplifting buzz that will make other concentrates pale in comparison. And the best part is, you can make it in the comfort of your own home.


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