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Top Ten Cannabis Strains of 2013 — A Look Back

Top 10 selling Cannabis strains of 2013

By Hippy KK

From coast to coast and several states in between, compassionate centers and dispensaries were randomly polled in order to bring you this month’s Top 10. When the question was asked regarding their top 10 selling Cannabis strains for this year, only one state polled hesitated, but eventually disclosed their top sellers, while the others responded without hesitation. And even though everyone has their favorite strain, which may or may not have made our list, sales ultimately show which strains consumers prefer.

Have no worries. Whether your personal preference is indica, sativa or a hybrid — all types made the list. With bud description and medicinal benefits included however, to keep the debate door closed, THC levels are not included due to the fluctuation from cultivator to cultivator and other key factors that could affect such results. In no particular order, Sativa Magazine introduces you to the Top 10 selling Cannabis strains of 2013. Drum roll please!

#1.  White Widow, sativa-dominant hybrid — extremely dense buds that are just absolutely covered in trichomes, giving the bud an appearance that it was rolled in sugar and no doubt the key attribute from which the ‘white’ in her namesake came. Her smell is quite potent with hints of cinnamon and spice, yet peppery and she tastes just as she smells. Great for daytime use as it’s easy to stay focused after consumption. Medical benefits: good for pain relief, stress, nausea, depression and appetite stimulation. White Widow is the mother of a long lineage of White Cannabis strains.

#2. Bubba Kush, indica — with flecks of purple throughout, her dense, fluffy buds are covered with trichomes. Consumers beware, break one open and expect the room to instantly fill with that typical Kush smell. This one both tastes and smells rather fruity, but is everything you want and expect from a Kush. Recommended for early evening consumption since she’ll leave you extremely relaxed, quite possibly wanting to nap. Medical benefits: stress, insomnia, depression, nausea and pain.

#3. Girl Scout Cookies, indica hybrid — the trichomes really sparkle on her tight buds of various green tones. GSC is known for her smell that’s earthy and fruity, yet has a sweet aroma with a hint of mint all rolled into one bud. Great for daytime or early evening consumption, she’ll leave you feeling happy and relaxed yet still able to focus. Medical benefits: inflammation, depression, insomnia, pain, nausea and anxiety.

#4. Jack Herer, sativa-dominant hybrid — under all those trichomes, Jack Herer is probably quite dark green in color, but appears light green from all the shimmer. Smell and taste is earthy with hints of spice and is an exceptional strain for daytime consumption. This one will leave you creative, motivated and full of energy – yet easy to remain focused. Medical benefits: pain, appetite stimulation, stress, anxiety, migraines, depression and nausea.

#5. ChemDawg, sativa-dominant — Regardless of the spelling, ChemDawg or ChemDog — these big, fluffy, lime-green buds have golden undertones that glisten with trichomes. There’s no mistaking CD’s smell and taste. She has a very distinct sour lemon smell but when consumed adds a diesel-like taste. Since this one provides the consumer with a strong head-in-the-cloud effect, it’s best to be consumed in the evening hours when attention to detail isn’t required. Medical benefits: anxiety, pain, appetite stimulation, nausea, stress, depression and insomnia.

#6. Skywalker OG, indica-dominant hybrid — her light green dense buds appear to be layered in ice from all the trichomes. Smell is unmistakable as this one is dank while taste is very piney. Keep this one double bagged — her smell will keep inviting you back for more. Recommended for evening consumption — it’s a couch-locker for sure! Medical benefits: stress, pain, insomnia, appetite stimulation and muscle spasms.

#7. Northern Lights, indica — her bright green buds are generously covered in trichomes, giving them the appearance they’re covered in frost. This one has a smell that is very sweet but when consumed tastes spicy sweet.  Northern Lights is a strain best to be consumed in the evening, as it will lay you back wanting to close your eyes. It’s no secret Northern Lights is known as one of the most potent indicas. Medical benefits: stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression, pain, nausea and insomnia.

#8. Super Lemon Haze, sativa-dominant hybrid — her dark green buds are evenly coated with trichomes, so much so that at a glance, these buds appear to have a yellowish tone. Smell and taste are exactly what would be expected in a name such as Super Lemon Haze; zesty, sweet and tart and very lemony in every aspect. Great for daytime or early evening as it leaves the consumer energized, uplifted and relaxed, but not so relaxed that one can’t stay focused. Medical benefits: migraines, depression, anxiety, nausea, pain, appetite stimulation and stress.

#9. Pineapple Express, indica-dominant hybrid — her dense dark green buds are thickly coated with trichomes. Many say this one looks like an indica but smokes like a sativa. Either way, her powerful scents of spice and fruits [yes, with a hint of pineapple] can be smelled throughout the house. The  taste echoes her smell. Since she leaves the consumer feeling energized, daytime consumption is recommended. Medical benefits: appetite stimulation, depression, stress, anxiety and pain.

#10. Chocolope, sativa-dominant hybrid — her light green, super dense buds often look purple if the sugar leaves are closely trimmed and will sparkle in any light since she’s covered in trichomes.  She is known to taste and smell somewhat fruity but sweet with just a hint of chocolate. Great for daytime consumption, especially when staying focused is necessary, Chocolope will leave one feeling uplifted and happy. Medical benefits: migraines, depression, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, stress and anxiety.

If by chance your particular favorite strain didn’t make our top 10 selling list, end this year with a bud rather than a bang! Try those that you haven’t already checked off this list, or go back for more of the ones you have. One never knows — current favorites could easily be replaced by ones on this list. Happy testing!