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investors look to the cannabis industry for new tech innovation. Tech business is booming in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis catalyst

How the legal industry will impact the tech industry & economy

By Kip Jarvis


If necessity is the mother of all invention, then the desire to make lots of money is certainly a favorite aunt. In the burgeoning realm of legal Cannabis, these two metaphorical relatives will be the driving factors in its development and growth. This will hardly be limited to discovering new ways to cultivate kinder buds; it will impact all the markets in which Cannabis Sativa has already shown her potential market worth. The fact that the industrial potential of Cannabis has been forced to lay dormant for nearly a century, the possible markets for research and development are vast. The most evident advances will come from the fields of recreational, medical, and textile Cannabis.


Of these, recreational will be the most fun in its fruits. As demand increases for recreational Cannabis, growers will find it financially imperative to increase the quantity and quality of yields. Advancements in lighting, soil compositions, ventilation mechanisms, and grow room accessories will inevitably progress in step with the growing industry. In turn, these innovations will cross over into other agricultural markets, thereby spurring their own advancements, and vice-versa.  


The textiles created in the industrial hemp market will certainly be the most functional. Currently, textile production in nations that allow it rely heavily on blending with other crops to create a softer product. A sound example of an innovation to curtail this process comes from the Chinese-based company, the Youngor Group. This company, known for high-quality fabric lines, has invented a hemp treatment that allows the crop to be processed into fabric using machines made for processing cotton. By doing so, the company can rely more solely on a crop that requires less acreage, grows faster, and produces garments of higher quality. Concepts like these are merely the forerunners to a rapid increase in hemp-based manufacturing. The profitability of using hemp over other crops speaks for itself, and companies worldwide are already seeking ways to increase the potential of cannabis in the textile industry.     


The third highlighted Cannabis field, the medical industry, has the potential to be the most useful. As restrictions are slowly relaxed on the research of Cannabis for medical usage, mainstream application of these findings is now on the horizon. What was once, and to some degree remains, a ‘fringe’ field of medicine, Cannabis is finally being noticed by the medical establishment. Don’t be surprised to see universities in Washington and Colorado expanding heavily on this research. Also bear in mind that among the multitude of ailments Cannabis has been shown to remedy, that recent studies suggest it may be the cure for cancer. That’s the big C, people.
It’s currently impossible to predict where research in these three industries, as well as all the others, will lead in their innovations surrounding Cannabis. However, as the floodgates widen and line graphs in boardrooms detail profit margins, expect Cannabis to play a major role in the socio-economic evolution of the 21st century. As this happens, month to month, stay tuned to Sativa Magazine for the play-by-play.