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Craft Beer Conference Brings Light To Cannabis Marketing Ideas

Summary by Michael F. Carter

Ideas from “…Craft Writing: Beer, The Digital, and Craft Culture conference”

1) Make Contact With Your Customer Digitally
Use online sources to attract the cannabis consumers. There are many online options to market cannabis. Some more restrictive than others. Do you collect email addresses? Do you have a cannabis related newsletter for your business? Do you know how to design an email newsletter? Using the internet to target cannabis consumers is an affordable way to target cannabis consumers in the i502 market, Oregon, Alaska, Washington DC, Colorado and Seattle Washington.

Start an online group and get your customers involved in your business. Make them feel like they are playing a part. Let them select which flavor you will release next. Let your customers be a part of your cannabis business. The connection could last a lifetime.

2) Keep Your Ears Open When The Cannabis Consumer Tells You What They Think
Rumors spread quickly and you have the power to keep the viral marketing moving in a positive direction, or a negative one. Monitor social networks and search for your company name in their feeds. Find out what others are saying about you. Join in on the conversation and ask questions. Listen! The cannabis consumer will tell you exactly what they want. They do not understand i502. Have a polite conversation and educate the i502 cannabis consumer.

When you listen to the customer, you will create products they want to buy. Don’t let your product sit on the shelf. Let your customer invent your next cannabis strain.

3) Find Your Voice
When telling the story about your cannabis business you need to find a balance between telling your story and educating the reader about your brand. Make sure your voice is consistent when communicating your branding message. Do you have a vision, marketing plan and business plan for your cannabis business? You need to follow a map and stay on course. You may use many methods to speak directly with the cannabis consumer in the i502 market and all legal recreational cannabis markets. Some are more restrictive than others. Yelp, Google Groups, Google+, Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, LinkedIn and many social networks, blogs and forums can be extremely valuable marketing tools for the cannabis business owner. Make sure all methods of communication use the same voice.

4) Don’t Let Anyone Hold You Back From Talking About Your Cannabis Business
One great way to get your message out is through PR. You need to motivate popular journalists to write about your cannabis business. How do you get a journalist to write about your cannabis business? Make it shareable. It must be interesting and it must connect with the reader. Is your cannabis story unique? It must resonate with the journalist who will write about your cannabis business. Don’t be afraid to shed your skin and show off the real you. Give your customer a taste of what you are all about and build a connection with them. Let them know the truth about your business. Don’t add extra fluff. We can read dishonesty. Don’t worry if you’re not the number one cannabis business yet. Everyone loves an underdog.

5) The Best Marketing Tool You Have Is Your Own Words
Find every blog, forum, group and source where you are able to talk about your cannabis business. There are many free methods in which you are able to market and promote your cannabis business. Use forums and groups to speak directly with the cannabis consumer. The most valuable tool you have to promote your cannabis business is you. Promote yourself in blogs and forums as one of the thought leaders of your industry. Let everyone know you are willing to help and the favor may be returned back to you. The brand building is priceless.