cannabis legalization in texas starts with medical marijuana


Texas has been known as “one of the last states” that will become medical or recreational due to its strict laws and conservative population. Although Texas is majority republican the liberals are trying their hardest to be heard in the Lone Star state. For almost a decade Rep. Harold Dutton has been fighting and standing against unlawful treatment due to radical marijuana laws. Earlier this month a criminal jurisprudence committee meeting was held in Texas making it the first time ever in Texas history to have a meeting of this sort regarding possibly decriminalizing sometime in the future. Unfortunately no other meetings or hearings were scheduled. Texas is known for being a predominantly Christian state as well as most southern states. It seems that this is one of the bigger reasons Texas have not been able to come to terms with new cannabis reformation, simply because the bible does not state that God “allows” us to consume it. This makes cannabis “evil” to most conservatives. It is crucial that people are rightfully informed about all the benefits this miracle plant can do. It is up to the activists and people of cannabis to show states such as Texas that children and adults both need cannabis for health and life. Times have shown people to have become more open minded over the years but we still have a long way to go. Full legalization for all sounds promising but until we can iron out all the wrinkled up details can we finally say we are free.


-Sandra Sanchez