cannabis apps for business owners

We took a look at these apps back in 2013.

Where are they now? Are there better apps now?

Cannabis users and growers are relying more and more on customized mobile applications compatible with their Android or iOS to facilitate a variety of needs for users and growers. You use these apps on your smartphone to get updates, information, and fun Cannabis data. Following are 5 applications that caught the attention of many only a few years back.

Please leave comments below. Do you use these apps? What apps do you recommend?



Budfolio LLC

Budfolio is a social network for medical marijuana (MMJ) users to track, rate, locate and share the buds you try. Budfolio allows you to create a personal portfolio (a.k.a. Budfolio) based on their Cannabis experiences. You can capture your photos, rate buds on various characteristics (i.e. smell, taste, strength, medicinal use, etc.), and share experiences with friends, members, and popular social networks. Application and website features:

Dispensaries – Find and follow legal medical marijuana dispensaries. Users can browse business profiles containing up-to-date menus, photos, dispensary reviews and more!

Lounge – An area for members to post thoughts, photos, Cannabis advocacy/industry news, products and more! Find and follow members and communicate with the community.

Strain Library – Use the strain library to learn and discover information about your buds! Users can browse the strain library for details on hundreds of marijuana strains.




Frweed Pro

Ian Donaldson

Medical Lifestyle


Frweed Pro for iPhone and iPad addresses the needs of the medicinal Cannabis community by providing patients with up-to-date strain information. With instant access to over 400 strains, internet isn’t required! Each strain has full and complete information on origins, flowering time, smell, medicinal use, effects, and growing. Most strains include a zoomable hi-res image along with THC and CBD percentages. 


With Frweed Pro you can find the strain you just purchased, discover the effects it provides, and see if it helps relieve your symptoms. You can use the search bar to search for a specific ailment such as PMS or you can use the ailments drill down for more general uses. This application also has an activities drill down to find the perfect strains for any activity.


You can even add your own strain information and your own photos for the strains you’ve added. Also, you can keep track of the strains you’ve smoked by adding your own notes and ratings.




Herbal Business Pro


Herbal Business Pro is a tool/utility for the SERIOUS Herbal Entrepreneur! If you’re serious about your herbal sales then this app is for you. This app contains an incredible amount of information and is packed with options you need to stay on top of business and ensure you gain the most profits, such as a profit calculator. This calculator helps you to know how much to charge for each transaction. Enter and view transactions to keep record of sales.

Herbal Business Pro is a noteworthy Business android app created by Dsexton702. Herbal Business Pro is for the Android and is great for shops who deal in all kinds of herbs.






Strains Pro 2 pocket guide app features Cannabis seed breeders with the latest, cutting-edge medicinal hybrids of 2013. Its unique and flexible design suits perfectly any kind of movie, gaming and PC or console game communities. The theme offers many custom options such as colors, menus and background textures to explore Cannabis genetics. Offering 120 cutting edge-medical Cannabis strains, this application allows you to categorize a strain’s medical values based on your own experiences. Strains are nicely organized with complete full-screen profiles covering genetics, breeder, origin, character, flavor, growth dynamics, THC, CBD, CBG, medical uses and effects. You can catalog your own strains, archive seed banks, and organize strains. According to their website, the Strains Pro series of iOS apps are the most comprehensive and accurate information on marijuana, cannabis genetic varieties available. Check out more about this app at:


Weed Farmer Overgrown

Grow Brothers

This virtual growing game is fun while teaching you how to grow marijuana by playing Weed Farmer Overgrown. You can manage each stage of a plant’s growth and production, from seed germination to harvest. You get to fight off attacks by bugs and fungus while avoiding dehydration and nutrient deficiency. With Weed Farmer Overgrown, you manage all aspects of growing such as lighting, ventilation, growing mediums, water supply, hydro pumps and much more. You can boost your plants by adding fertilizer, regular watering and transplanting to different growing mediums. You can increase your growing skills and increase your profits by learning to grow more difficult types of Cannabis plants.

The Grow Brothers are the creators of Weed Farmer and are dedicated to providing a high-quality online gaming experience. Their main website provides detailed guides and tutorials for players at

Weed Farmer Overgrown takes Virtual Marijuana Farming to a whole new level. Enjoy fresh challenges and advanced online features while benefiting from new real-time player interaction abilities.

* Grow dozens of real-life marijuana strains in both indoor and outdoor environments. Each strain has a unique look, grows twice as fast as in the first game and have different visuals for the flowers and buds by variety.


* Loot system provides varied rewards and chances for uncommon, rare and ultra-rare item drops including clones, growing equipment, seeds, crafting components, farm gear and much more.
* Upgrade your grow location from a small starting closet to a massive warehouse. Weed Farmer Overgrown allows you to continue expanding to the great outdoors to a maximum of 65 plots allowing you to grow up to 260 marijuana plants of different types at the same time!