legal marijuana in texas

Rep. David Simpson has spoken and with much intent, “Marijuana comes from God and therefore shouldn’t be banned by government.” Wednesday night was a very powerful time not just for Texas but for the future of Cannabis. Texas House Committee voted 5-2 to pass The House Bill 2165. This is a glorious achievement for the lone star state. For much time it was thought that Texas would be one of the last to regulate cannabis laws. With much passion and consistency, Texas residents fought for their right to medicate. The bill came into motion just days after House Bill 164 for medical cannabis was passed with 3-4 votes. Although this came as a surprise to most, a study just recently showed that about 3 out of 5 Texans prefer cannabis over alcohol. Making it 58% of Texas’ population for cannabis reform. Heather Fazio, Texas Political Director for the Marijuana Policy states “Marijuana prohibition’s days are numbered in the Lone Star State.” It is safe to say that Fazio’s statement is highly likely for Texas residents. As time passes the miracles and benefits will shine through and through! Until then we must fight and strive for the same medical achievements as the rest of our neighboring states. Marijuana prohibition will soon be a thing of the past!

-Sandra Sanchez