cannabis taxes pay for education and research

Colorado collecting bank; gives to schools


It’s clear that we are STILL dealing with a far less enlightened generation of federal bureaucrats. Just look at what Cannabis is doing for Colorado. During the first month of 2015,Colorado collected $2.3 million in excise taxes on the sale of recreational cannabis. The 15% retail marijuana excise tax which goes toward public schools and construction fees, earned exactly $2,332,843 in January 2015. This is what i’m talking about! It Angers me when i think about the amount of money that has been spent trying to discover something deadly about Cannabis. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies are profiting from people’s addiction to their poison. Now this is just in Colorado-legalizing Cannabis across the country could bring in as much as $100 billion in new revenue, imagine that! The legalization of Cannabis has proven it has the potential to aid the anemic state of our nation’s economy.