The new “green rush” that has overtaken parts of the country has ganjapreneurs inventing all kinds of new products for the Cannabis connoisseur. These Cannabis smoking accessories range from the cute to the practical. There is a device that turns a Starbucks venti cup into a bong. There is a gadget that fits snugly atop the standard-issue wax-paper cups used by take-out restaurants to make a smoking piece.

“New York-based Rodawg is creating what CEO Josh Gordon called ‘a lifestyle brand for professional smokers.’ The company says it plans a full line of ganja-themed accessories. ‘The products within the industry are still tied to that hippie or stoner look,’ Gordon said. ‘Ours have more of a cigar aficionado feel: It’s Grey Goose meets John Varvatos’ rather that the traditional brand with the pot leafs and tie-dye.” Rodawg’s offerings sold at retailers also include a line of storage jars more suitable to accompany your high-class spirits.

Buckle Puffer is marketing a stainless steel belt buckle that doubles as a discrete marijuana pipe. The company’s president says, “The idea is to create a product that blends in with semi-formal male business attire.” He says he believes he’s aiming at a $200 million market he calls “apparelphernalia.”

Kashit is working on an accessory that fits atop bong mouthpieces, forcing the marijuana smoke through a cooling mechanism. Nimesh Goel, a Kashit co-founder, said, “the product would have an anti-microbial component in a nod to germaphobe stoners. Everything we develop creates a solution to a personal problem we ourselves have experienced while smoking.”

The Green Rush is here; some of these products may never make it to market, but these examples demonstrate that ganjapreneurs are alive and well in the USA.