Happy Trees Cannabis ~ Cle Elum

Happy Trees Cannabis ~ Cle Elum
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To everyone reading this, let me introduce myself. My name is humpty... pronounced with a UMPTY, so to all the open-minded people, please allow me to bump thee. Hi(gh)! My name is Paul Brice, and I’m the proud owner of Happy Trees Cannabis Wonderland. I was raised in Tacoma, Washington, and marijuana has always played a (sub)cultural role in my life. As a former member of T-Town Alternative Medicine and the Greener Frontier Collective, I’ve come to appreciate how deeply rooted cannabis is where I grew up, and that its enjoyment defies stereotypes about profession, culture, or class. So, with my appreciation of weed and the people who enjoy it, I now have the pleasure and good fortune of being able to sell marijuana for a living here in Cle Elum. How we ended up in Kittitas County... well, that’s another story. I’m very proud of our product selection at Happy Trees. If it’s here, then you know we hand picked it based on what we believe works for you and the experience you’re after. From my background as a bud tender, I’ve learned that people’s cannabis preferences are determined not only by the effects it has on them, but also by their senses: how the buds look, smell, and taste. We do our research the old school way: one bowl at a time. We have a plaque in the middle of our room that reads, “If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time, there would be world peace for at least two hours.” We believe that, and Happy Trees Cannabis Wonderland does its best to convey that attitude. If that feels right to you, come check us out. Whether your goals are relief from pain or stress, relaxing with friends, boosting your creative energies, or hearing your favorite tune with a fresh set of ears, we want Happy Trees to be the point of departure for your cannabis journey. Welcome fellow travelers!
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(509) 596-8430
407 E 1st St
Cle Elum
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United States