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Book Review: Master Gardener’s Medical Cannabis

Product: Master Gardener’s Medical Cannabis Secrets, Learn to Grow Nor-Cal Style! By Bodhi Moon

Rating: 4.5 nuggs

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The 430 pages of text and photos compiled for the indoor and/or outdoor grower clearly states from the start that it is not like any other “grow bible” ever made. The book promises not to waste your time repeating every other author writing about growing medical Cannabis. Bodhi Moon emphasizes on page 11, “it is the ONLY one of its kind!” With an excellent introduction, followed by twelve extensive chapters with photo highlights, Bodhi Moon’s expert advice aims to teach readers how to grow ‘Nor-Cal’ style and is filled with some of the best-kept secrets of the master growers.


Although the photos included are not very clear, the text couldn’t be more so. Moon touches on topics including the importance of record keeping, astrological considerations, shock factors, trimming while leaves are wet or dry, appropriate lighting, commonly used techniques and why they can be misleading.


If there was ever any doubt that communicating with plants aids in their growth and production, Moon stresses the importance of doing just that. He also suggests having a contingency plan just in case the unmentionable happens. From front to back, the advice contained within explains, to the best of Moon’s knowledge and experience, how to increase harvested yields. Bodhi Moon mentions other books growers might find helpful in their quest to become the best of the best in growing medical Cannabis, providing titles, authors and ISBN numbers.


To learn to grow ‘Nor-Cal’ style, rate production levels and become a mad scientist while cutting cost, purchase the Master Gardener’s Medical Cannabis Secrets.  Available on, prices are as follows: Kindle eBook $9.99, hardcover $49.95 and the paperback is available for $39.95.


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