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Cigar Lounge Cannabis Retail Start Up

Cannabusiness Highdeas
By Stephen K. and Mercedys M.


Cannaisseur is a fresh vision for what a Cannabis dispensary can be. It’s a classy Cannabis lounge tailored to meet the desires of our customers while providing a luxurious atmosphere and top-quality offerings. Remember your old dispensary with products neatly displayed in a glass case next to the register? Say goodbye to that old time store and say hello to the customer-centric experience. Envision a cozy bar with top of the line service. Now replace the tap handles with scales of the finest Cannabis and accept a heartwarming welcome to Cannaisseur, the premier name in Cannabis luxury.  


The Problem: A dispensary dispenses, right? Wrong. A dispensary is a retail business that depends on customer service. So why not act like it? Why aren’t there comfortable leather armchairs and dapper budtenders to roll up your every wish? Why aren’t there beautiful hostesses and exquisite smoking utensils? We demanded answers and decided that Cannabis consumers deserve better. So we’re starting our own cannabusiness with the customer service saavy of world-class restaurants and exclusive lounges.


Our Solution: Cannaisseur is made of one part cocktail waitress, two parts cigar lounge furnishings, two parts vintage Cannabis list, and a dash of the familiarity of your favorite restaurant. Our Cannabis? Better than the competitors’ best, but our goal is not to simply sell a fine product. We are here to provide the atmosphere that lights the pipe for you and then offers you a drink. We will be the intimate retail experience for complete customer satisfaction, high price points, and maximum profitability. Think of white gloves and silver platters overflowing with Cannabis bouquets.


Premium Smoking Menu: Dispensaries simply don’t care about the kind of cured Cannabis quality that can’t be quantified with lab equipment but that we know is essential for smooth smoke. Our Cannabis will be stored in opaque glass containers inside a walk-in humidor so every gram ripens to the max. As state and federal laws allow, our reserve selection will grow to include products from all over the world. Think about enjoying landrace strains of India, Morocco, Afghanistan and Jamaica that were actually grown on location!


Marketing: Cannabis publications will announce Cannaisseur as a retail Cannabis juggernaut and restaurant publications will write of our fine taste and hospitality. Our first ploy will be enlisting professional restaurant reviewers. We will invite the world to judge us and our Cannabis by a higher standard.


Request: The Cannaisseur business model is a game-changer and so is the necessary startup capital of $3 million. This amount is unprecedented because Cannaisseur will be much more than the typical dispensary. With a combination of bank loans and private equity agreements, we will stir up the Cannabis game by showing up big and playing by our own rules. Now is your chance to join us in revolutionizing Cannabis retail service.