Can Human Solutions Get You Out Of Prison?
Why is the war on drugs abusing our own military vets and robbing them of their freedom?

No victim. No crime. No one should go to jail for a plant! – You have power.

The Human Solution


“No victim. No crime. No one should go to jail for a plant!” —


The Human Solution, like many of the causes featured in this issue, is striving to work themselves out of a job. When their goal of preventing anyone for being imprisoned for a Cannabis plant is realized, they will be close to being done. When everyone incarcerated for Cannabis has been released they will have decisively won a big battle in the struggle against the War on Drugs.


The Human Solution is focused on helping people facing non-violent Cannabis-related charges avoid imprisonment and supporting those who end up incarcerated. The three main parts of their website are their court support program, prison outreach program, and education and resources sections.


The court support program involves organizing supporters to quietly show solidarity with accused persons inside and outside the courtroom. Another aspect featured in this program is promoting jury nullification whereby jurors can refuse to hand down a guilty verdict if they feel the law is unjust, even though they believe the defendant to be guilty of violating that law. In a recent segment of CBS 60 Minutes, the Boulder County, Colorado District Attorney Stan Garnett mentions jury nullification as a reason that most Cannabis cases are not worth spending the time to pursue in his jurisdiction. The entire segment can be seen here:


The prison outreach program encourages people to write and correspond with those they refer to as Prisoners of War, the war being the so-called War on Drugs. They also encourage visiting the POWs and helping them by donating money for basic necessities and sending reading materials. Detailed information about how to do so is provided on the website.


The education and resources segment has an excellent legal section that explains jury nullification and raises constitutional arguments against federal laws prohibiting Cannabis cultivation and possession. There is also a segment with valuable information about the Cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system in humans and much more.
The Human Solution has taken an admirable stance in creating awareness about the injustice of unreasonably punishing citizens and their families because of a plant that offers so much to mankind, assisting and helping people who have been punished, and showing citizens how they can help prevent guilty verdicts from being handed down by juries.