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Farmer Js Sour Kush Review

Today was a wonderful day for an adventure. It was the first day I would buy cannabis from a retail store.

A couple of friends and I decided to visit a new recreational store in WA called Green City Collective on Hwy 99 near Lynwood, thirty minutes outside of Seattle. It is located under an Irish pub where I enjoyed many spirits in my early twenties. The entrance was entertaining with a spectacle of debauchery in the form of a destroyed RV that appeared to be an art piece for the rear parking lot. The sight was intriguing. I had to see more.


When we entered the store the staff were very polite and educated—especially a well spoken and educated budtender. I had heard that many of the stores had staff that were clueless about what they were selling. His knowledge was impressive and I would want my first experience, if I were a new consumer, to be a suggestion from Tyler. He really knows his stuff. The environment was comfortable with a well laid out selection of quality products at a competitive price.


We decided on a strain named Sour Kush. It is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This Sour Kush comes from Farmer J’s selection of trichome-covered flavors. At least it appeared all of their flavors available were covered with cloud colored candy trichome crystals. After leaving and opening the package, the room immediately filled with the pungent aroma of the Sour Kush. This stuff smells amazing!


My roommates and I each packed our own fresh bowl, ready to trade thoughts on the skills of the grower, the finished product and the overall experience. After the first hit we each felt an immediate high in the back of our head that slowly moved forward and around the face. I could feel my eyes begin to melt and drop. I was feeling the Kush. There was a nice balance to the high—a combination of couchlock and a euphoric churning of the mind with bursts of creative thought and uncontrollable laughter. It has been many years since I laughed like a kid while high. I really needed that laugh.


Due to the short duration of the high and the extreme relaxation I felt as the effect began to slowly set in, I would use this strain as a replacement for a glass of wine after work as I relaxed and prepared for the end of my evening.

Munchies, Yes. Relaxed, very much so. Euphoric and giggly, double check.



The Sour Diesel genetics will often lead to a fuel smell undertone; however, this phenotype from Farmers J’s had many deep and pungent aromas, but the common aroma of fuel was absent from this diesel pheno. We caught many terpene profiles as we analyzed the herb. Some smells were very rich with a sweet rotting fruit smell that one of us claimed to have a striking resemblance to the smell of a Durian fruit. In the end we agreed that it had a pungent odor comparable to a sweet sour cream with a powerful citrus/pine aroma, topped off with Aphrodites .


The Farmer J’s Sour Kush pheno smells like sex in the woods with a glass of lemonade.



The taste was extremely smooth. The cure on this product was excellent. Like a finally aged whiskey, this was a smooth experience. There was a light hint of the citrus flavor, which displayed wavering tastes of bittersweet candy and a smooth, earthy after tone.



The high was slow setting, which moved from a heavy head high to a very relaxing body high over a fifteen-minute period. The high lasted roughly two to three hours before you could feel the euphoric effects begin to slip away and the relaxing body high and munchies really begin to express themselves.


The high was extremely pleasant and one I would desire after a hard day of work in need of shutting out all of the voices from the office and enjoying some peace as I enjoy the rest of my evening.


Step in the door, break out the goodies, roll it, light it, turn on the tube and shut the world out.
It’s your time now.