Self-sustaining farms help urbanization.


Over the years farming has decreased significantly due to urbanization. Building skyscrapers, commercial and residential areas have become the focus of all architects and contractors. Unfortunately this means people around these areas don’t have access to fresh and organic produce as well as quality medication. Self-sustaining farms would be ideal for busy and highly populated cities. Will be completely run by solar power and wind power to provide electricity, keep water running and recycle. The farms will predominantly grow cannabis for various resources such as medicine, textiles, and building material. Fruits and vegetables will also be grown and harvested for all to enjoy. Markets such as Whole foods and Trader Joe’s are around but for the people in big cities across the world don’t have that advantage. Farmer’s markets usually only set up once a week and for some that may not be enough. Self-sustaining farms could help change the way we grow and harvest not only by providing quick access to fresh produce and medicine but by making it almost 100% eco-friendly. Stems, trimmings, and even spoiled fruits or vegetables would be recycled. Energy provided by solar panels and wind power will be stored and highly monitored. Using intelligent and natural technology self-sustaining farms will be a thing of the future and will help in the cultivation of not only GMO free, organic produce but high quality medication grow by expert canna-farmers.


-Sandra Sanchez