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Michael Freedom Carter; Publisher

Thoughts From Michael Freedom Carter … From our first issue Jan 2013

Welcome to the pre release and first edition of Sativa Magazine —the first of what we hope will become a media empire in a market poised for exponential growth. We want to become the arbiters of cannabusiness; the go-to publication for the educated ganjapreneur, and the coolest thing since earwax. Big dreams, but we’ve assembled a kick-ass team across the U.S. to give you well-researched articles covering the vast array of business opportunities that will become available as state and federal laws change, as well as departments and features exploring all aspects of the Cannabis lifestyle. We’re online at and, in the near future, we’ll be appearing on magazine racks worldwide.

I grew up around Cannabis and the slightly outlaw actions that otherwise-law-abiding adults went through to obtain and ingest it. I relish the new world we’re birthing in Washington, Colorado and other states where Cannabis is available to everyone who wants to partake in its myriad benefits. But what will that world look like? Sativa aims to explore every facet of what’s going on and how it affects cannabusiness and consumers alike. Plus, it will be as pleasurable to pick up as your favorite pipe.

As for me, I envision a future where Cannabis provides us with opportunity and prosperity. My education is in business, and I’ve worked in advertising, marketing and sales my entire career. I know what it takes to build a business and I know what kind of business models find success. The biggest part of your success will count on you, your determination and your drive. We will be here to give you ideas and help you along the way.

My entrepreneur mindset can clearly visualize the entire chain of events that could lead to a company’s success. Or think up an entirely new business model and visualize its construction and how it would fit into our society’s current structure. Maybe writing about what I see creates the future. I hope to be able to open your mind to some of the things I see. But don’t take my advice. I’m just a genius stoner. Take the advice of all the experts on the team who really make this magazine a tool every business owner should read and every Cannabis business owner must read. I hope you enjoy this first issue and stay in touch. We are going to grow with extreme speed, and I am counting on our readers’ feedback to fuel our growth. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that can take all of us into a beautiful future.

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Michael Carter ; Publisher