Budtender cup Winner Best Concentrate

Best Concentrate “Lucid Oil” by Monkey Grass

Lucid Dab Oil Review

By Randy Robinson

Monkey Grass wasn’t monkeying around when they cooked up their recipe for Lucid dabbing oil. Winner of “Best Concentrate” at the 2015 Budtender Cup, the Lucid oil comes packaged in a glass container with a silicone cap for easy transfer to your nail or wand. The glass is pretty sturdy, so a nectar-collector styled pipe can hit directly from the Lucid oil container itself.

The cap twisted off without too much fuss, and once the top popped it was followed by a wave of aromas, a bouquet of lemon, orange, and lime rinds. The oil has the consistency of a golden glue. Dipping the wand tip and simply twisting it was enough to load its business end with one nice glob of Lucid. Once dabbed, the vapors flowed over the tongue like a citrus punch, inciting an urge to smack the lips and savor every lungful. And upon exhale, the flavor of sour fruits ebbed into a faint spice reminiscent of black licorice or roasted cloves.

The complex flavor profile of this oil aside, its heady effect can be appreciated by dabbing connoisseurs and casual vapers alike. Giddiness was the most immediately noticeable quality of the Lucid’s high. Several minutes in, and the feeling of bursting into a thousand giggles smoothed out into a rather mellow session lasted for hours.

How does Lucid oil vape so clean and crisp? That all boils down to its manufacturing. Monkey Grass extracts all Lucid oil from high-quality flower rather than trim. The extract goes through a lengthy distillation process that strips the fats, extraneous oils, and plant matter from the good stuff. Finally, terpenes commonly found in the Blue Dream strain are added to the cannabinoid-rich amber, which is why dabbers can always expect the same kind of playground-in-the-summer feeling from every jar.

Monkey Grass currently offers Lucid dab oil in 0.5 g and 1.0 g packages.