vape oil winner of budtender cup 2015

monkey grass cannabis cup winner

The Second Round Budtender Cup Winner is… Let’s Take A Sneak Peek

2015 seattle cannabis cup consumer report

First Place Bragging Rights For “BEST VAPE” Go To Lucid Oil.

Presented By Monkey Grass.

best CO2 vape in seattle winner budtender cup


It’s no surprise that so many budtenders agree, Lucid Oil is Amazing!
More Active Delta9 Than Most Vapes In The Rec Market


Before We Move Onto The Reviews, Let’s Learn A Little More About Lucid Oil.
(Budtender Reviews found at base of post. Three positive reviews selected from many.)


About Lucid Labs
Lucid Labs is responsible for providing the knowledge and expertise to produce one of the premiere pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products for the recreational cannabis market in Washington State. By developing a unique process for isolating only the highest-purity cannabinoids available, Lucid Labs is striving to produce the cleanest, purist and most consistent product on the market.

Lucid Oil is a highly purified cannabis essential oil refined from the resin of the cannabis flowers. The mature flower of the female cannabis plant contains the resin packed with the valuable cannabinoids that work together for the most beneficial effects. By removing undesirable compounds, a consistent refined essential oil is produced that has a high cannabinoid concentration with the primary compound being Δ9-THC.

Lucid Labs’ developed a unique process to isolate pure cannabinoid compounds. The process of distillation and refinement is a complicated, lengthy process that ultimately produces a beautiful light amber, translucent essential oil virtually clear of all impurities. This process was developed by our scientists to ensure laboratory standards and pharmaceutical grade products. By identifying the best practices to ensure quality and consistency, Lucid Labs is pioneering the next generation of cannabis products.

Here are some product reviews from budtenders at recreational cannabis stores across Washington.

Budtender Reviews:

“Citrus to the taste leaving you with a crisp well rounded high. For a high potency product this concentrate was amazingly clear! I would be more then willing to try more of Lucid Oils products.”

Budtender: Pineapple
Store: The Treehouse Club
Address: 14421 E Trent Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Phone: (509) 413-2169

“Whenever there’s a translucent, golden oil inside of a cartridge you know it’s going to be great; and Monkey Grass Farms’ Lucid Oil line definitely does not disappoint. The vapor tastes strongly of lemonheads and hash with a surprisingly smooth hit; I’ve coughed more smoking buds and to tel you the truth I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better cartridge. The high is a creeping hybrid experience hitting both your head and body hard about 5 minutes after the first puff, yet leaving you clear headed and perfectly functional. This focused, yet euphoric mental high was my favorite part about the product, as most concentrates out there will leave me confused as to how I ended up with 4 glasses of water next to my chair and the remote control in the refrigerator.

This is hands down the best cartridge I have ever tried; its apparent that Lucid’s distillation process, which does not use any propylene glycol or other cutting agents, truly makes a difference. The cartridge gets a 10/10 review from me and is a breath of fresh vapor in an industry where most competitors I’ve tried can’t even come close.”

Budtender: Nathaniel
Store: MJ’s Pot Shop
Address: 1335 Southeast Bishop Boulevard, Pullman, WA 99163
Phone: (509) 332-5203

“The taste was on point, the high is amazing and relaxing, Lucid is for sure a brand I’m keeping an eye out for in the future.”

Budtender: Matt
Store: Seattle Cannabis Co
Address: 3230 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206) 294-5839