Cascadia Vape is an independent e-cig, vape and e-liquid online retailer. We’re one of the first to market devices specifically towards smokers of both tobacco and cannabis from a harm reduction perspective. Some of the products we carry can be used with either nicotine e-liquid and herbal concentrates. All e-liquid compatible devices we sell come with one free bottle of organic e-liquid made in the U.S.

As harm reduction advocates, we feel that licit and illicit drug use is a part of our world and people should be free to choose to experience the substances they wish to experience. However, they should be provided with education and options so that such choices have the least harmful impact on themselves and others as possible. This is the mission of Cascadia Vape which we carry out though our shop at and our business blog at If you could use our services or would like to learn more, visit us today.

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